Definition of Gourmande: noun (go͝or-mänd′, French ɡurmɑ̃)
1. a person who loves to eat and drink / 2. one who is heartily interested in good food

Definition of Gourmet: noun (go͝or-mā′, go͝or′mā′, French ɡurmɛ)
2. a connoisseur of fine food and drink; epicure / 2. one who cultivates a discerning and
    discriminating palate for the enjoyment of good food and drink

YUP,  that’s me! Welcome to Gourmadela!

About Gourmadela

Hi! I’m Adela, a NYC-Frenchie girl with a perpetual appetite. Third culture kid and world traveler, I grew up in Africa, NYC, and France, studied in London, Paris, China and Madrid and have eaten… all over the world! As a child of a diplomat father and an amazing cook of a mother, I was fortunate to have grown up in a multicultural household where I could absorb and enjoy all kinds of differences, particularly in terms of what and where we ATE! My upbringing naturally led me to never lose connection with my two greatest passions: food and travel. I have always found that the best way to engage with others is through sharing meals – and I’ve never hidden my love for superlatives when it comes to good food. Which has led me to being called “gourmande“, and later “gourmet“, my whole life.

My passion, lifestyle and job luckily make me spend most of my nights and weekends in restaurants. I am neither a chef, a photographer, nor a writer but I know my food. I will taste just about anything and everything (except for hard boiled eggs  – yuck!). From street eats to cheap treats to fancy eats, I try it all! Yet, when I ask my friends and family if I’m picky, they answer: “that’s a rhetorical question, right?” 😐

My selection – your pick

In my world, having high standards and being picky about where you eat is a good thing. This website is a curated selection of restaurants for you discerning foodies who, like me, take eating out seriously and believe no meal should be wasted on a bad experience.

I compile honest and candid ratings of only restaurants I deem worth your while, to fit your every need, craving and occasion.

I focus on NYC, where I live and eat the most, but am always embarking on weekend getaways and traveling the world in search of the next culinary discovery.

I have to thank all my fellow dining companions for tolerating my incessant questions to waiters 😳 , letting me over-order and impose food-sharing, and their patience with my “camera-eats-first” policy. 

I hope Gourmadela will help you satisfy your needs and appetite.

Thanks for stopping by,

Bon appétit!


I use a Canon EOS Rebel SL1 DSLR Camera with a Canon EF 50MM f/1.2L USM Lens. All pictures are shot raw, in natural light.


All of the content and photography on this website is my own unless otherwise specified and is subjected to copyright. If you would like to use a photograph or text, please contact me and credit + link back to its original post.

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