Anotheroom is a Tribeca wine & beer bar from the owners of Perry Street’s The Otheroom (the original Soho location The Room is now closed). Just like its West Village counterpart, this is THE neighborhood spot to bring a date if you want to seal the deal! Keep your eyes open when looking for it though, this place is a tiny and easy to miss!

Anotheroom is a romantic, unpretentious lounge located on West Broadway. This venue is not as sultry as The Otheroom, but is equally quaint and cozy. Once inside, you’ll find comfy velvet booths lining the walls and candlelit tables. Despite its minimalist appeal, everything about it calls for intimacy, with a lush decor, dark walls warm color tones, a low-key wooden rustic ambiance – and very dim lighting. I mean this place is DARK!  If you’re bringing a date, the (lack of) lighting, the mellow sexy music, and the ambiance will work in your favor and make you both want to take it to the next level. 😉

Anotheroom serves beer and wine only, no cocktails nor hard liquor (nor food). For such a whole in the wall, their selection is quite extensive, with several old and new-world wines and a large selection of craft beer (draft and bottled) to choose from, all at a reasonable price. If you can’t make up your mind, the bartenders are super friendly and will help out with great recommendations.

On warm nights sit in the outdoor patio!

The best thing about Anotheroom is its outdoor seating with large communal picnic tables for warm weather nights. This makes this venue seem more open, letting in a bit more light in than in the pitch black West Village joint.

The crowd here, due to the Tribeca location, tends to be somewhat older and more corporate than in the other establishment, making it a great option for a relaxed post-work beer or glass of wine.

Anotheroom is a good mix between a dive bar and a lounge, perfect for an intimate casual date, late night caps, pre- or after-dinner drinks, or for the after-work crowd.

Open everyday at 5pm, closes at 4am Tues-Sat, and until 2am Sun-Mon.