Have my longed-for Parisian baguettes been teleported to Brooklyn? That’s how I felt when I took my first bite of Bakeri’s concoction of my daily piece of French bread.

Pronounced ba{aaah}keri, the Norwegian way – and the respectful hipster way –  and not ba{yyyy}keri.

Although it has a French feel to it, Bakeri is a Scandinavian café. The Norwegian-bred owner, Nina Brondmo, opened the charming Williamsburg joint in 2009 with the purpose of bringing “good freshly baked bread to the neighborhood”. “It’s the yeast I can do”. OK she didn’t say that. 😉 The first quote was legit though 😆

skolebrød -www.bakeribrooklyn.com

skolebrød -www.bakeribrooklyn.com

Bakeri is a quaint, small café on Wythe Avenue in North Williamsburg, in a super warm and welcoming setting. The decor is comforting and soulful, with a mix of vintage accessories and items that look like they are straight from Anthropologie’s home section. I’m not sure if it feels more like a country farm or an Alice in Wonderland tea party (they even serve their coffee in teacups)! The cute, small interior has limited but cozy seating, but the best place to enjoy your coffee break is in the quiet back garden. A true haven of tranquility! They also have two small tables in the little nook at the entrance.




Bakeri has built a name for itself with its delicious freshly baked European-style bread. I’ve mentioned how their baguette is the closest I’ve had to the real thing from home, especially if you are lucky enough to get it warm straight out of the oven. All their other breads are legit as well. They also offer a large selection of in-house baked goods and sweet treats, salads, sandwiches and great desserts. I’ll usually have their Avocado Tartine or their Kasha  (both $8) for a healthy breakfast but I can realistically never resist their unique and creative pastries (around $4). Don’t miss the traditional Norsk classics like skolebrød, a Norwegian sweet roll with custard and grated coconut. My other favorites include the bread puddings (sweet and savory) – so decadent and moist  – the quiches and savory tarts (again I feel like I’m back in France!), their soft-baked cookies (my fave is the rosemary-hazelnut), the raspberry-pistachio muffin, and even the classic cinnamon bun is not like anywhere else. Prices are not cheap but worth the freshness and quality of the ingredients, except for some rip-off items like the finger-sized Pain au Chocolat – you were so close to a “sans-faute” Bakeri!



Bonus: Bakeri offers a wide range of confections for those with dietary restrictions and allergies (gluten-free, vegan and more). They are also eco-friendly and make it a point to avoid food waste.


Try their skolebrød and their bread puddings and get a seat at the backyard garden!

The coffee here is forgettable – go get a take out at Blue Bottle Coffee four blocks lower instead and focus on the baked goods.

The only mentionable con is the inconsistent and often disorganized service. However the staff members, all outfitted in blue jumpsuits, do make the effort to bring your order to your table for those eating in.

Overall, it is probably the best bakery in Brooklyn if you ask me… Tusen takk Bakeri!

Expect Bakeri to be crowded on weekends and meal rush hour. Open 7 days a week, 7am to 7pm on weekdays and 8am-7pm on weekends.

Bakeri now has a second and larger location in Greenpoint. Check it out here.