Ever since its opening in summer 2015, by CHLOE. has taken the NYC vegan food scene by storm. It’s been overly praised, raved and blasted about all over social media, and has become the must pit-stop for the trendy vegan New Yorker. I’m not vegan (duh) but my FFOMO (Food Fear Of Missing Out) obviously led me to by CHLOE. to see what all the hype was about.

Super cute interior - www.bychefchloe.comSuper cute interior – www.bychefchloe.com

by CHLOE. is a fast-casual restaurant in the heart of Greenwich Village originally founded  by the under-30 duo Chef Chloe Coscarelli and ESquared Hospitality Group’s Samantha Wasser. Chef Coscarelli had built a name for herself in the reality show “Cupcake Wars” by being the first vegan chef to win a culinary competition on national television. Three best selling cookbooks later, Coscarelli opened by CHLOE. to offer an innovative take on vegan cuisine and fight the “rabbit food” stigma linked to plant-based diets.

However, the by CHLOE. fairy tale got a major blow in 2017 after a nasty lawsuit between the partners shockingly ousted Chloe Coscarellithe chef and name behind by CHLOE.! It was, rightfully so, a shock to the vegan world to witness the person behind it all be literally fired from her own venture. Since then, by CHLOE. has continued to be operated by ESquared, serves the same vegan menu curated by chef Chloe’s own recipes, and has massively expanded across the globe – without Chloe. For many (like myself), this drama has left a bitter after taste, but by CHLOE. is still riding the vegan wave of full-blown success.

Veganism has been a culinary trend for a while but let’s face it, ever since Beyoncé revealed her 22-day diet slim-down transformation, the vegan lifestyle became the new “it” for all kinds of health-conscious eaters. However, there is common misconception that mixes up healthy eating with veganism. One does not necessarily come with the other, especially not at by CHLOETrust me when I say that if you eat at by. CHLOE for 22 days straight you will NOT look like Queen Bee! Although there are some healthy food options and juices, the majority of the menu is what I would qualify as vegan junk food.

By Chloe Kale Caesar Salad

Kale Caesar Salad

By Chloe Spicy Thai Salad

Spicy Thai Salad

by CHLOE. offers an all-day menu and weekend brunch, where everything is 100% vegan, kosher, organic, and whatever else the eating trend is these days. Everything about the brand is a promotion against carbon footprint with an animal and preservatives free menu, mindful ingredient sourcing and eco-friendly packaging. The menu is quite diverse with everything from salads, burgers, soups, sandwiches, cold-pressed juices, ice cream, freshly-baked sweets, and a variety of grab-and-go options.

Don’t forget to try their beet ketchup and chipotle mayo

First timers, get the $9.95 Guac Burger, and the Mac n’ Cheese made with sweet potatoes and cashew sauce. My favorite menu items are actually the salads, especially the $9.95 Kale Caesar (shiitake mushrooms are labeled as bacon here!). The $10.95 Spicy Thai (that is not spicy by the way) and Quinoa Taco are other popular favorites.


by Chloe Small Mac n’ Cheese

Small portion of Mac n’ Cheese

by Chloe Oh So Fancy Fries

The secret “Oh So Fancy Fries”

And shhhhh! Ask for the (not-so) secret off- menu item “Oh So Fancy Fries” , that are “Oh So Fatty” and a stoner’s paradise, even for the meat-eating kind! 😉

The average price is about $10 a dish, which is pricier than your everyday fast-food joint but then again this is not your everyday fast-food joint! It’s, in fact, very affordable considering the quality of ingredients and the large portion sizes.

Get the off-menu “Oh So Fancy Fries”!

Come to by. CHLOE for vegan fast-food, but don’t expect fast service… This place constantly has a line out the door with all kinds of hungry New Yorkers (and a lot of NYU students that are not afraid of killing time)! I strongly suggest you decide what you want beforehand and be all set by the time you get to the register. Once your order is taken, you will be given a buzzer that will notify you when your meal is ready (just like at Shake Shack!)

By Chloe Guac Burger

Guac Burger (my fellow diner needs a manicure!)

By chloe Spicy Thai Salad fork

Digging in the Spicy Thai Salad

By Chloe mix

A mix of healthy and cheat meal!

The line isn’t much the issue (if you’re lucky they’ll give up free samples to ease your hunger!), it’s hunting for a seat that’s a true mission. Once you’re seated expect to have an array of hangry guests with their platter in hand, eyeing your every bite for you to leave your spot!

 Come with a friend to snag a seat while you stand on line

By Chloe burger outside

If you can’t snag a seat, order take-out!

Chef Coscarelli’s was hoping to break the stereotypes linked to plant- based cuisine, with a mission to show people that vegan food “is not just for people who label themselves as a vegan”  – well at least that was a mission accomplished Chloe!

N.B. Ever since Chef Chloe has been pushed out of the chain, there has been a notable decrease in quality of ingredients and service.

by. Chloe is now also in Flatiron, Soho, Rock Center & Williamsburg and has even expanded to L.A. and London!

Open Mon-Fri: 11am-11pm
Sat: 10am-11pm / Sun: 10am-10pm