You love Desnuda‘s original East Village location, but want to avoid being packed like sardines? Holy shrimp do I have news for you! What most people don’t know is Desnuda has a sister restaurant in South Williamsburg.  And you can even secure a reservation there. Not even squidding! (For the love of cod, I’ll stop with the fish puns) 🙂 So here’s an updated review for the Brooklyn location.

Hamachi Ceviche

Hamachi Ceviche

I discovered ceviche in 2009 in Peru during a 6-month sabbatical backpacking trip in South America. I was so overly expressive about my obsession with the dish that the chef of a local eatery in Huacachina made me come in the kitchen for a full night-shift  to learn how to make traditional Peruvian ceviche. To this day, it’s one of my signature dishes when I host summer dinners at home. And bonus: it’s healthy and guilt free!

Salmon Ceviche

Salmon Ceviche

Desnuda is traditional ceviche on steroids. At Desnuda you will find the best ceviche in NY (and BK), with a mix of classic and very innovative recipes with melt-in-your mouth fresh raw fish. The menu’s relatively small, mostly Latin flavors with some Asian influences, but make sure you ask for their daily specials that are rarely listed. They also have a great selection of East and West Coast oysters. This location offers an even better oyster happy hour than in EV!

$1 oysters all day Sunday and Monday and Happy Hour Tues-Fri 6-8pm!

Oysters -

Oysters –

Although the East Village location has a unique charm with its minuscule space and cozy bar setting, Desnuda Brooklyn has an open and inviting layout. It is also dark and intimate, but the decor is more eclectic, with scenic lighting and spinning ceiling fans, along with a great music playlist. You have three seating options, including elevated tables, comfy bench seating and at the bar. I would still recommend sitting at the bar and see your dishes artfully prepared in front you.

Expect some visual and olfactory entertainment in the preparation, like a blowtorch here and there 😮 (for the Salmon ceviche with caramelized sweet potato – $20 for example) or the acclaimed Tea Smoked Oysters ($16). All dishes are beautifully prepared and photogenic so Instagram away! The food isn’t particularly cheap but then again you’re paying the normal price for amazingly fresh seafood and raw fish. I highly suggest sharing plates.

The Other Woman Cocktail -

Desnuda BK The other woman cocktail

Desnuda BK is also a cocktail bar with delicious $10 to $13 mixes (including Pisco Sour and Mezcal cocktails of course). They also have a decent South American wine list and a fusion of local and South American beers.

Ask for their complimentary Truffle Popcorn to snack on while you wait for your dishes!

Desnuda is a perfect intimate place for seafood lovers and a great date spot.

Te quiero Desnuda. No matter where you are located.