Pizza loves Emily, and so do I! Especially since Brooklyn’s most hyped pizza joint moved to the West Village. The original Clinton Hill restaurant, sister to Williamsburg’s Emmy Squared, finally opened a Manhattan location in June 2017, in the space that used to be home to Blue Ribbon Bakery Kitchen.

Emily and her co-owner/head-chef husband Matthew Hyland met over pizza, and she knew he was The One (pizza will do that do you). They decided to spread the love and opened their first Brooklyn restaurant in 2014, after which the duo almost immediately became the rising stars of the NYC culinary scene. Then came Emmy Squared in Williamsburg in 2016, before finally opening a Manhattan location in 2017.

Oh and they have salads but seriously who are we kidding. This is the Gem Caesar - papadum, boquerones, dragoncello - $14

Oh and they have salads but seriously who are we kidding. This is the Gem Caesar – papadum, boquerones, dragoncello – $14

The West Village menu is a fusion of the two Brooklyn restaurants, with the best of both worlds: Emily West Village serves round pizza (like in Clinton Hill), rectangular Detroit-style pies (like at Emmy Squared), and most importantly, you’ll find their award-winning burger. Sure, this is a legit pizzeria, but no trip to Emily is complete without ordering their drool-guaranteed Emmy burger. Much has been said about this bad boy. This single menu item changed the whole burger game in New York City, and will make your top burger list as soon as you have the first luscious bite.

The West Village Emmy Burger is not limited-supply like in BK! Yeay!

Emily West Village emmy burger curly fries

Not only is the WV Emmy Burger double-stacked with LaFrieda patties (score!), it comes with awesome curly fries (major score!)

Perfectly rare & juicy double patties

Perfectly rare & juicy double patties

So what’s so special about the Emmy? Every freakin’ damn thing about it: the juicy Pat LaFrieda dry-aged beef patties (the WV version comes with a double stack!), the buttery soft Tom Cat pretzel bun, the oozing American cheese (the Clinton Hill Emmy has cheddar instead), the caramelized onions (my fave) and their special Korean-chili crack-flavored sauce. Whatever Chef Hyland was on when he created it, I’ll have some of what he’s having (this burger should come with an addiction disclaimer)! This is burgergasm at its best and well worth the hefty $26 price tag.

Emily west village EMMY BURGER Double Stack

EMMY BURGER Double Stack – LaFrieda dry-aged beef, EMMY sauce, caramelized onion, American cheese, & pickles on a Tom Cat Pretzel bun – with curly fries! $26

Emily west village luca pizza emily pizza

Best of both worlds: Luca round pizza from the wood-fired oven – $21 & the signature Detroit-Grandma style Emily Pie – $24

You get the point, the burger is a must order (Emily WV also has two sandwich additions: the Lammy Burger – an Indian rendition of the Emmy Burger – and The Pressed Duck), but with a side of Emily’s pizza of course! Emily West Village inherited a historical 18-foot-deep, 150-year-old oven, for the best wood-fired pizzas around. The round pies are inspired by Neapolitan, New York and New Haven recipes. The square pizzas are slightly different than at the original Williamsburg Emmy Squared. These “Detroit-Grandma pies” are a mash up of New York Grandma pie and Detroit-style pizza – meaning the square slices are half as thick as the Detroit slices, with more toppings. Emily’s pizza is legit, but I’d say it isn’t for purists. A lot of their signature pies are inventive with unconventional, eclectic toppings. So if you’re one of those who cringes at honey on a pizza, definitely stick to the few classic round ones like the Luca.

The colony pizza is their best seller

Detroit-Grandma style Colony - pepperoni, pickled chili, honey - $21

Detroit-Grandma style Colony – pepperoni, pickled chili, honey – $21

Signature pizza Detroit-Grandma style - Emily - pistachio, honey, truffle Sottocenere - $24 - good if you like sweet & salty

Signature Detroit-Grandma style pizza Emily – pistachio, honey, truffle Sottocenere – $24 – good if you like sweet & salty

Emily West village luca round pie

Pizza purists: go with one of their classic round pies. This is the Luca – sauce, stracciatella, basil – $21

Great West Village sapce

Great West Village space

Drinks wise, you can choose between wine, in-house cocktails, or even sip on their extensive selection of bourbon or other spirits, but nothing pairs better with burgers & pizza than craft beer!

The West Village space looks small and cozy from the outside, but there is extra seating space downstairs as well. The Emily hype is not fading yet, so reservations are a must.

Emily is definitely a calorie-killer destination – come here to celebrate a cheat-meal in a big way, with a small or bigger group of friends, for girls’ or boys’ night out, or for a date with no post-dinner expectations! 😆

Emily Banana pudding

You’ve exploded your calorie count anyway so might as well get the rich & creamy Banana Pudding dessert!

#PizzaLovesEmily, but your burger definitely deserve an Emmy award!

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Open daily for lunch & dinner:
Monday – Thursday: 11:30am – 11:00pm
Friday: 11:30am – 11:30pm
Saturday: 11:00am – 11:30pm
Sunday: 11:00am – 11:00pm

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