The Greek islands are the closest thing to paradise in the Mediterranean. Mykonos is the most popular island in the Cyclades for its summer party atmosphere and vibrant nightlife. Make sure you stroll around the picturesque old town and its 16th century windmills, have a sunset drink in Little Venice, beach hop around the island, party trendy, and of course hit all the best dining hotspots!

  • ⇒ KIKI’S
  • Agios Sostis Beach, 84600, Mykonos
  • Kikis Mykonos Googlemaps

Kiki’s is the #1 lunch spot in Mykonos. Located next to Agios Sostis beach, this casual outdoor restaurant is the most authentic taverna in Mykonos. Kiki’s is a must stop for the spectacular beach views, the friendly, laid-back atmosphere, affordable prices, and most of all, for its simple but delicious Greek food.

Lunch table with gorgeous seaside view

Lunch table with seaside view

Kiki’s has the freshest fish and seafood (octopus is a must, of course) but also a killer BBQ chicken and pork chop. The menu has a simple but great selection of local dishes catering to everyone, including vegetarians. Portions are huge and best shared.

Huges portions of delicious seafood and great side dishes

Large portions of delicious seafood and great side dishes

Kiki’s is by far the best lunch in Mykonos. So what’s the catch? Kiki’s takes no reservations, and always has a long line… The restaurant opens for lunch between 12:30pm and 1pm and closes when it gets dark, so get there as early as noon and expect a wait. Waiting is never too bad though: the owner serves you complimentary white wine or rosé, and the restaurant is right by a gorgeous beach and a beautiful church yard to kill time (mandatory pictures to be taken!).

  • ⇒ SPILIA 
  • Agia Anna Beach, Kalafatis
    Ano Mera, 84600 Mykonos
    +30 6949-449729
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  • Spilia Mykonos Googlemaps

Fighting the top lunch spot with Kiki’s is the gorgeous restaurant Spilia. More than a great lunch spot, its superb location makes Spilia the most romantic restaurant in Mykonos for both lunch and dinner. Located in a beautiful cave of Agia Anna, next to Kalafatis beach, you’ll be peacefully dining on a natural platform on the rocks, overlooking the sea. The atmosphere, vibe and views are simply stunning and like no other place in Mykonos.

Gorgeous seaside venue

Lunch with a view!

This all-day venue is best for its amazingly fresh fish and seafood, served straight from the Aegean. Your oysters, mussels, urchins, crayfish and lobsters are “fished” from their natural sea pool and prepared before your eyes!

Catch of the day of fresh octopus!

Catch of the day of fresh octopus!

Don’t leave without having their sea urchins!

Their fresh sea urchins are a must order!

Their fresh sea urchins are a must order

Come here for the unique seaside views for lunch, or for a romantic date-night dinner.

Dinner in a cave -

Dinner in a cave –

By night for a super romantic dinner - Dinner in a cave -

Spilia by night, for a super romantic dinner –

Make sure you make a reservation by calling or emailing at Spilia takes bookings for lunch and dinner.

Scorpios Mykonos Googlemaps

scorpios_mykonos_restaurant_day scorpios_mykonos_restaurant_view image image


Scorpios is a trendy and sophisticated beach club, beautifully located atop Paraga beach. This is THE place to go to on Sundays for its wild evening parties. The best way to enjoy Scorpios is to book a late lunch table and/or a few beach beds and stay the whole day/night (make sure you make a reservation).

Scorpios mykonos

Great for large groups

The food menu has hit-or-miss dishes, but overall very good. Order a bunch of plates to share and expect a hefty price tag!

Small plates to share

Small plates to share

Catch of the day

Catch of the day

Come on Sundays!

scorpios beach website

Paraga Beach –

Paraga Beach

Paraga Beach

Scorpios Mykonos Paraga Beach

Paraga Beach

After your meal, chill with a drink in hand by the lower level of the beach club and enjoy the beautiful sunset views. And the best is yet to come… The best part of Scorpios is its Sunday Night outdoor club party!

Keep your eyes out for celebrity sightings!

    • ⇒ NAMMOS
    • Psarou Beach, 84600 Mykonos
      +30 2289 022440
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    • Nammos Mykonos Googlemaps
  • Since its opening in 2003, Nammos is hands down THE most happening beach club in Mykonos. Located on Psarou Beach, the iconic Nammos is where all the trendy beautiful (and nip tucked!) people of the island gather to see and be seen. Come here for lunch, order fresh seafood and a sushi platter to share, then stay for the rest of the day and chill on their pricey sunbeds.
  • Nammos Mykonos

    Psarou Beach

  • A major party scene gets going starting 5pm. Food is good, service is attentive. Reservations are a must (call to book) and expect an expensive beach day!

  • Ftelia Beach, 84600 Mykonos
    +30 22890 71339
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  • Alemagou Mykonos Googlemaps
  • Alemagou is another iconic beach bar, best for its welcoming, laid-back atmosphere. Alemagou is sophisticated but not over-the-top, with a relaxed bohemian setting. The food is just ok, but Alemagou is great for drinks and to chill by the beach. Come here for the cocktails (they make a killer champagne/mint drink) and make sure to catch the sunset!



  • Alemagou Mykonos

    Best for sunset drinks

    Panormos Beach, 84600 Mykonos
    +30 2289 077184

Panormos Mykonos GooglemapsPrincipauté De Mykonos is a beautifully designed beach bar and restaurant on Panormos beach. It doesn’t have the hype of the island’s other trendy beach bars, but offers a more classy, high-end seaside experience: luxurious decor, attentive service, greek gastronomy, and most importantly, a superb beach protected from the winds!

Open all day, call for bookings.

Interni Mykonos Googlemapsif you’re looking for a good dining option in the Old Town, Interni is your best bet. The best part about Interni is the ambiance and the beautiful location. Chill in their cozy lounge and have a romantic dinner in their charming courtyard. Service is very attentive, and the food menu includes classic Greek/ Mediterranean dishes with a twist.

Book online!

    • Agios Ioannis Diakoftis, 84600 Mykonos
      +30 2289 023547
    • ♥♥
    • Hippie Fish Mykonos Googlemaps
    • Hippie Fish is a stylish beach tavern on the west coast of the island. Come here for fresh sushi and cocktails from their mixology bar with one of the best views on the island (bonus: the beach is wind protected!). The spectacular sunset makes up for the average food and service.

  • Super Paradise Beach, Plintri, 84600 Mykonos
    +30 22890 77298
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Jackieo mykonos

Not to be mistaken with the bar on the old harbor of Mykonos, Jackie O’ is an uber trendy beach club set on a cliff of Paradise Beach. Historically popular among the LGBT community, Jackie O’ is guaranteed fun for every crowd. Have a drink, a few small bites, hang by the pool overlooking the beach and make sure you stay for the party. As the sun sets, things start to get wild. Expect a lot of dancing and entertaining drag shows!

  • Little Venice, Old Town, 84600 Mykonos
    +30 22890 23541
  • ♥♥
Caprice Mykonos Googlemaps

Caprice is an iconic bar in Mykonos, and has even been named by Newsweek as one of the top-10 best bars in the world! Located in picturesque Little Venice, right on the seawall of the old harbor of Mykonos, Caprice is THE hotspot for a sunset cocktail in the Old Town. Their cocktails are colorfully tropical, served with skewers lined with fresh fruit, and STRONG! All drinks are best consumed while dancing on the tables, along with all the other lively beautiful people 😆 .

  • ⇒ JIMMY’S 
  • Lakka, Old Town, 84600 Mykonos
  • ♥♥
  • Jimmy's mykonos googlemaps
  • And of course, all that Mykonos partying would not be complete without an authentic Greek hangover snack. Jimmy’s is a Mykonos institution for its famous souvlaki and gyros, available 24-hour! This fast food joint is located in the heart of the old town, and is a must-stop to satisfy your salt craving at any time of the day or even better, after a wild night. They even have a “wall of fame” to prove they’re legit. And if you walk by Jimmy with a gyro from another eatery, he’ll make you toss it off and swap it with his for free instead! Now that’s marketing! Epharisto Jimmy!
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