Every year, the seasonal opening of the Frying Pan is the official herald of New York summer.

The Frying Pan is a historic lightship permanently docked at Pier 66 Maritime within Manhattan’s River Park. The vessel has a fascinating story: it was built in 1929, rescued after begin abandoned at the bottom of the Chesapeake Bay, designated a historic site in 1991 – and has become the ultimate NYC summer outdoor dive bar! No true twenty-something New Yorker has spent a summer without a drunken stunt at the Frying Pan.

Beware of potential seasickness 😳 



From April to October, youngster from all boroughs line up for burgers and booze at the Frying Pan. All boroughs means the rowdy, douchey Bridge & Tunnel crowd may be included 😕 … So the Frying Pan is not a classy spot for upscale New York waterfront drinks. It should be appreciated for what is: a unique, casual boat bar with a fun atmosphere.

Come early to avoid after-work lines (and leave early to avoid drunk B&T!)



Come for after-work drinks, split a bucket of Corona and their cajun fries (only decent item on the food menu IMHO) with a bunch of friends, and enjoy the nice breeze and stunning Hudson river sunsets.

Regular Season: May 1 – October 1
Open 7 days a week  (subject to weather) 12 noon – 12 am
Off-Season: April 1 – 31 & October 1 – 31
Open when weather is 65 degrees or over 12 noon – 12 am
Closed: November 1 – April 1