Upper East Sider Joni opened her namesake eatery in 2000, at a time where Montauk was still just a quiet surfer and fishermen town. Now, Joni’s is THE go-to breakfast spot for all Montauk locals and summer vacationers.

Just south of Main Street, within walking distance of the beach and the Montauk village, Joni’s has become the obligatory pit-stop to kick-start the beach day with a healthy first meal. The tiny eatery has a hip surf & seaside vibe, with turquoise and yellow colors, vintage surf pictures on the walls, sunflowers and colorful outdoor picnic tables.

Cash only

Joni's Montauk

Limited indoor seating (picture taken outside peak hours)

Joni’s serves an all-day menu until 4pm, but the best is to come for breakfast or a quick snack. Joni’s serves a large selection of healthy food and beverage options, including fresh juices and smoothies, wraps, sandwiches, bowls, salads, pastries… Everything is fresh and with high-quality organic ingredients, but the food is very simple and overall just ok.

Large selection of vegan & gluten free options

Joni's "brunch" to-go

Joni’s healthy “brunch” 

The biggest cons at Joni’s are the cramped long lines (especially during morning hangover peak-hours!) and the slow service. Seating is very limited – try to snatch a seat at one their outdoor picnic tables, or just get take-out and picnic on the beach. If you’re getting hangry and the line is too long, head to the neighboring Naturally Good Foods & Café instead.

Joni’s is where everyone in Montauk goes to kick off the beach day with a healthy bite. Come here after your morning surf session or yoga class.

Open daily 9am-4pm