Take Root sadly closed down in March 2017 at the peak of its success… Good luck for the next adventure Elise & Anna! For those that are as nostalgic as I am, you can find the 2016 review below…

Twelves seats – one seating per night – three nights a week – one set menu – ten courses – one Michelin star → all for a one-of-a-kind dining experience. Take off to Take Root for one of the most exceptional meals in New York.

Take Root started out as a supper club that became a pretty unique success story. Hosted by couple Elise Kornack and Anna Hieronimus, the supper club took place in their small Brooklyn apartment, using produce grown in their backyard. What was first a word-of-mouth affair quickly became a widespread hit, and one of the most sought-after dinner ticket in New York. The two owners have since moved to a new location in Carroll Garden’s tree-lined Sackett Street, for an equally intimate and casual dinner setting. The unassuming, yet welcoming space has a homey environment that will make you want to put down roots and feel like you’re dining in someone’s living room. Although Take Root serves a fine-dining meal, this is not a stuffy/fancy restaurant. The atmosphere is super relaxed, the decor understated and minimalist, and no formal dress wear needed. At Take Root, the focus is on the food.

Take Root Dining Room Simple and clean dining room/living room

Simple and clean dining room/living room

Take Root Kitchen

Chef Elise Kornack in the kitchen

Take Root Dining Room

Early diners waiting for the 8pm start

The two-person staff comprises Elise Kornack, the chef, and her wife Anna, the host, waitress and sommelier. The twelve-seat restaurant serves one set dinner menu on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. There is one seating only, at 8 p.m. sharp, and it takes close to three hours for the meal to unfold. The 10-course $125 surprise menu (not even a sneak-peak is available online) consists of a contemporary American vegetable-heavy fare (but not vegetarian, as the name may suggest).

Take Root oysters Oyster - Elderflower, Hibiscus

Oyster – Elderflower, Hibiscus

Take Root Daikon Radish - Basil, Parmesan

Daikon Radish – Basil, Parmesan

Take Root Wheat - ScarpS, Date, Chile

Wheat, Scarp, Date, Chile


What makes the tasting-menu at Take Root so unique is its creative variety and combination of ingredients, flavor and texture. Each course is thoughtfully curated, constructed with high levels of precision and execution, and plated with care. None of the dishes are like anything you’ve tasted before. Well worth the hefty price tag (they’ve been raising the price consistently since opening, and I’m sure it’s not over!).

Take Root English Pea - Asparagus, Green Plum, Olive

English Pea – Asparagus, Green Plum, Olive

Take Root Crab - Onion, Lovage, Radicchio

Crab – Onion, Lovage, Radicchio

Take Root Potato Ravioli - Ricotta, Smoke, Ginger, Fennel

Potato Ravioli – Ricotta, Smoke, Ginger, Fennel

Take Root Beef Tongue - Beet, Soldier Bean, Truffle

Beef Tongue – Beet, Soldier Bean, Truffle

Their wine list tends to predominantly come from exotic sources, with a focus on natural wines. Most excitingly (for me), they have a great selection of my beloved orange wine ♥, a great choice to pair with their eclectic menu.

Be punctual, dinner starts at 8pm sharp!

The gracious service is what makes the dining experience at Take Root seem so soulful and exclusive. Elise and Anna have great welcoming personalities, serving each guest with friendly and warm care.

Take Root bread Brioche & Brown Butter

Amazing Brioche & Brown Butter

Take Root dessert Rhubarb - Carrot

1st Dessert: Rhubarb – Carrot

Planning a dinner at Take Root takes commitment. To secure a booking is a herculean task on its own: reservations are available online for parties of two or four only, at midnight 30 days prior to the desired date, and held with a credit card. If luck and timing aren’t on your side, I suggest calling the restaurant regularly to check for cancellations. The restaurant’s limited availability and capacity give rise to a very strict policy: cancellations for parties of two are to be made 72 hours prior to the reservation, and parties of four require at least seven days notice (or an inconvenience fees of $85pp will be charged). Furthermore, picky eaters, be advised: with advance notice, the chef works around some allergies, but will not accommodate for vegetarians, vegans, gluten and dairy-free diets, nut allergies etc. Dinner at Take Root requires coming with an open mind and palate.

Take Root dessert Chamomile - Lime, Green Almond

2nd dessert: Chamomile – Lime, Green Almond

The clientele consists of a majority of couples, although the setting is not overly romantic. Come here on a date, for a special occasion, or for a unique dining experience with your legit foodie friends.

Take Root’s Brooklyn concept has transformed the New York fine dining-scene root and branch. The setting, the service, the food will make you experience an inimitable meal that will leave you rooting for more!