“Top Chef” contestant Dale Talde had a popular opening of his eponymous restaurant in 2012, after the reality show’s audience had seen him crush out impressive concoctions for two seasons. It has since lost a bit of his hype but is still a good enough reason to trek to Park Slope.

Park slope is increasingly popular in the Brooklyn food scene, but let’s face it, most restaurants are every-day Italians, safe Americans or stroller-friendly (not that that’s a problem, just saying!). Talde is tucked right on the corner of 7th avenue and 11th street and does not compete with many other Asian restaurants in the area.

The cuisine is Pan-Asian, with a play on American classics such as fried chicken, tater tots and chicken & waffles, and a clear influence of Chef Talde’s Filipino roots. He’s basically adapting Asian cuisine to the all American palate! 😛

Bacon Pad Thai

Bacon Pad Thai

The menu offers small and large plates, all ideally made for sharing. Signature dishes include the Pretzel Pork and Chive Dumplings , the Korean Fried Chicken ($23) and the Crispy Oyster-Bacon Pad Thai ($17). Sounds intriguing doesn’t it? The dishes are definitely enjoyable, but beware of the assault of SALT 😯 . Be prepared for major dehydration after a meal at Talde! Thankfully you can rinse it off with a good selection of draft beer, in-house $12 cocktails and an affordable and extensive wine list. The brunch menu is also worth exploring and even more affordable, with the oddest but most inventive combinations, like the Cripsy Avocado Bao ($10, and Grits with coconut milk. Reading out this menu made me drool, eating it was a bit of a disappointment.

Pork Burn - www.taldebrooklyn.com

Pork Burn – www.taldebrooklyn.com


Kung Pao Chicken - taldebrooklyn.com

Kung Pao Chicken Wings – taldebrooklyn.com

Another disappointment was the service – expect it to be sloooooooow.  :roll:

Sit at the chef’s counter with views on open kitchen!

The restaurant has around 65 seats. The décor is casual and on the simple side with Asian carving woodwork details. Talde describes the ambiance as  “high energy”. You can find an intimate vibe at times but the acoustics are overall loud. They take reservations for parties of 6 to 8 people, or private events for parties over 10 people. The rest is walk-in only.

Pretzel Pork & Chive Dumplings, spicy mustard / www.taldebrooklyn.com

Pretzel Pork & Chive Dumplings, spicy mustard / www.taldebrooklyn.com

Talde has the advantage of having a unique menu with the oddest but inventive combinations and a daring blend of Eastern and Western flavors, whilst using local Brooklyn products. It’s a hit-or-miss experience depending on the service and sodium intake, but still a great Park Slope joint.

Talde is open for dinner every day and for brunch on weekends.

For more establishment from the Talde/David Massoni/John Bush trio, check out Talde Jersey City, Thistle Hill Tavern and Pork Slope