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Top 5 Hottest Restaurants of 2016

Keeping track of all the “hot & new” restaurants in New York City is an impossible task. 2016 in particular has spoiled New Yorkers with so many stellar openings, with star appearances from the French and the Brooklynites! 2016 is coming to an end, but there’s no doubt its hottest restaurants are here to stay!  

5. Llama Inn – This modern Peruvian with a “New York swag” opened early 2016 in a superbly designed Brooklyn space right under the BQE. Great for cocktails and plate sharing with friends!

4. Lilia –To call this new Italian restaurant a New York hotspot is merely an understatement. Ever since its February 2016 opening and its three star New York Times review, Lilia has been THE most hyped restaurant in Brooklyn, and possibly one of the hardest 2016 reservations in the whole tri-state!

3. SUGARFISH – The wildly popular L.A. sushi institution has finally landed in NYC in November 2016 with Flatiron outpost– a major deal for obsessive sushi aficionados! And snatching a table at SUGARFISH has been like hitting the lottery ever since.

2. MIMI  This quaint French restaurant opened in the early summer of 2016, and has since kept a safe spot in this year’s best openings. This contemporary bistro was a welcome addition to the Greenwich Village area. In a city that is inundated with insipid European-inspired restaurants, MIMI and its unparalleled menu is a breath of fresh French air.

1. Le Coucou – The 2016 NYC food scene has been all about le French food. But le star of le year is indisputably Le Coucou. Daniel Rose & Stephen Starr’s modern French restaurant was probably the most anticipated restaurant opening of 2016, and for good reason: it’s been qualified as one of the best restaurants of the year/city/country/century! A hype that, for once, is no exaggeration and highly justified – Le Coucou has become one of the hottest tickets in Manhattan and Gourmadela’s #1 restaurant of the year!

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