Turks and Frogs is a great West Village option for a laid-back date night in an intimate and relaxed setting. This is one of the area’s best kept date-spot secrets: you’re almost always guaranteed to find a seat which is a rare commodity in the West Village dating scene!

As you can guess by the name, Turks and Frogs is a Turkish wine bar offering an eclectic selection of wines and Mediterranean small plates. I guess the Frogs part refers to the French wines… ❓


Front room bar area – gets a lot darker and intimate on evenings


Back room

It’s a small bar with two seating areas: the front room has a warm and inviting  bar space and a few standalone table. The back room is even more cozy and feels like you’re stepping into an early-century or Victorian-style living room, with red-themed furniture and paintings, antique chandeliers and armchairs around dimly lit tables.

Sit at the bar for a casual first date, head to the back room if you want to flirt over candlelight whilst having a real intimate conversation, or for a chatter between a small group of friends. The overall atmosphere is non-pretentious and casual, but with a welcoming and romantic vibe making it perfect for a casual date night. The Jazz and Swing tunes in the background fit perfectly with the ambiance.

Great for chill late night drinks

Turks and Frogs is first and foremost a wine bar (with a limited selection of beers). The wine selection is not out of this world, but is pretty extensive with over 120 bottles, and will make you discover wines you’ve never tasted before. Turkish Pinot Noir anyone? Why(ne) not! 😆 You’ll find wines by the glass and bottles for all budgets. Their food is fairly priced – with small plates between $6 and $15, $16 cheese boards and $10-$15 hot sandwiches – but I would stick to just having wine and a few nibbles (stick to simple cheese boards and hummus, for example).

Easy walk-ins and reservations

The best part about Turks and Frogs is that it’s never overly crowded making it the perfect wine bar for a chill night and good conversation.

Turks and Frogs also accommodates private parties.

Open Sun-Mon from 4pm to 1am, Tues-Thurs until 2am and Fri-Sat until 4am.